Under 15 football side

I would like to thank the parents and players that turned up for the under 15’s selection for the Murri Team. We are still look for under 15 Rugby League players for the Carnival 22-25 September. We had a meet & greet on Saturday and another season on Sunday, over-all we are going to step-up our game plan, we got everyone’s contact details and we shared share information.

To keep everyone informed of what is going and what is going to happen, we are going to register a page on FACEBOOK this is the most suitable way to communicate to all of the players and parents involved.

U/15 Rockhampton Murri’s Rugby League Side for 2011. This site is not set-up today, hopefully after Monday 1st August it will.

People can log-on and keep track of what’s going on, before and during the Carnival.

Sunday 7th August 2011, a trail and selection process is going to happen at the Brother Club, starting at 1:00 pm, we are looking for 20 players and we willing be selecting stand-by player just in-case.

So, if you know of a player, tell him to bring whatever gear is necessary for them to play, socks & boots mouth guard, head-gear, for Sunday 7th @ Brothers Club 1:00pm.

We are looking for sponsors, to assist in financing Accommodations, Transport and meals, please contact myself, Scot Munns, Joe Taylor, Wade Mann, Blair Vea Vea asap

Thank you

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