Juwarki Corporate Staff

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  1. Edward and staff, this website is just too deadly!! Congratulations on a job well done, a fantastic way of letting our mob know what’s happening around Qld. Trust you all survived the recent flooding and not too much heartache caused. My thoughts were with you during the devastation.
    Regards to those who remember me from my Com Ed days with Willy Nauman and Ellen McLune.

  2. Hi Edward and all you deadly Mob at Juwarki, this website is just toooooo deadly. This is great way to share knowledge, information, employment, training and funding opportunites etc. Our Mob will know what’s happeniung around the Community and state and this is also great tool for our young ones at school and uni……You have all done an awesome setting this site up; but that’s what we have come to expect from the deadly team at Juwarki….have a great day.

    Yours in Unity

    Kevin McNulty (Colless)

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