Sausages sizzle on the Riverbank

Just wanted to let you know that we will be down the Riverbank across from the arcade entrance, this Friday from 11:30 to 1:30pm to spend time with the people who reside there. We do this every year and are privileged to be included in story telling of experiences and world views that would out do any politician, from very wise people and just relaxing and having a good laugh, oh and a sing song, we will bring the guitar !!!!!. I know that your services have been instrumental in providing care and support for these people and would be honoured if you would come and join us on this day. There has been a recent article in the Rockhampton Bulletin (link attached) that I felt was a positive spin on giving this group of people a voice to be heard, respect does go along way and it costs nothing. In the past we have only heard mostly negative comments or media exposure, therefore I have invited the young reporter from the Bulletin who wrote this article to attend also and he is going to come and do a follow up story and would like to interview some of you about the excellent work that you all do, maybe some challenges and highlights etc. Let me know if you are available and sorry for the short notice, I will fully understand if you cannot make it. Please inform the people as we would love to have them attend.

Subject: ‘River dwellers’ treated with disrespect by community | Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

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