Community resilience grants – TARDDiHS

Please see request for information regarding these grants below.

For further information please contact Gareth Daniels on 4920 5500.

I am wondering if there are any organisations in Central Queensland that have applied for the TARDDiHS/TRAIC Mental Health grants? If so, would organisations please let me know briefly what they applied for and for how much funding?

Just to jog your memory the information about the grants is below:

Community resilience grants – TARDDiHS

Queensland health is offering grants valued between $5000 – $50000 to build community resilience and reduce the negative effects that droughts, disasters and other crises can have on people living in regional Queensland.

The Tackling Adversity in Regional Drought and Disaster communities through integrating Health Services(TARDDiHS) grants program will help:

  • build community networks that foster social connectedness
  • improve help-seeking behaviour
  • build capacity for learning to live with change and uncertainty
  • promote positive adaptability in response to adversity.

Gareth Daniels

Regional Adversity Integrated Care Clinician

Tackling Regional Adversity through Integrated Care program

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