Expressions of Interest sought in a twelve month appointment or secondment to a Project Manager (Special Projects) role at PeakCare BRISBANE

PeakCare is pleased to bring to your attention a newly created position of Project Manager (Special Projects) that is being made available for a twelve month appointment or secondment to PeakCare commencing in December 2016 (or thereabouts).

Attached is a description of this exciting position that will be both challenging and highly rewarding.

As noted within the attached description, expressions of interest are to be submitted by 10am on Wednesday 9th November 2016.

Please consider if you or someone known to you may possess the right sets of knowledge, experience, skillsand personal attributes to take on this important role.

You are encouraged to widely distribute this information and the request for expressions of interest throughout your organisations and networks.

Questions about the role may be directed to Lindsay Wegener (Ph. 07 3368 1050 or email: