Danny K finishes up at Radio 4US after 8 years in the Radio Industry

DANNY K HANGS UP THA MIKE! This is Danny K’s last week at 4US. It’s tru, wot u heard, Danny K is leaving Radio 4US after 8 years in the Radio Industry. So sad, so sad, but he is excited about finding a new career, a new adventure for his future! He has truly been tha ‘voice’ of 4US over tha years and a great example to those who wish to follow in his footsteps. He has achieved Diploma status (currently working on), and not only tha deadliest announcer going, but a educated trainer/supervisor to many of those who have come thru the station, an emcee for NAIDOC, plus he has created great works involving sound production, editing and mixing down, interviews and so much more! We acknowledge you Danny K, a legend in yr own right, with a great sense of humor and quik wit and we thank you for all that you have done here in leading the way for those up and coming. It will be hard to ‘fill yr shoes’ hey but know that we wish you all the best in yr endeavors and rememba to come back and visit some time! You will be missed….. MURRI MAN 🙁

MESSAGE FROM DANNY K: I would like to thank all his supporters/listeners throughout the years. You’ve all been just too deadly! Remember to continue – Lookin’ gud and feelin’ deadly all u mob!


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