Update at Radio 4US – Bobby-Lee McQuire

RADIO 4US WOULD LIKE TO THANK BOBBY-LEE MCQUIRE: Host of ‘The Morning Muster/Random Shows’ during her time with us! We have truly enjoyed having you here and working with us to promote Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander music, issues, culture and history. It has been a real pleasure! We wish you all the best in your next endeavors for the future as you leave us and hope you return from time to
time for a visit. Bobby-Lee is an exceptional talented radio announcer, her calibre is of a high standard and each week during her time with us, she has bought much joy to radio, encouraged and inspired her listeners. always keeping them informed with local updates and issues. It’s with a very heavy heart we say ‘goodbye’ and can’t wait to see that ‘Certificate 3 in Media’ in the mail!!! THANK YOU & BIG LOVE!♥

On Leave @ Radio 4US changes update

ATTENTION: Daniel Kielly (DANNY K) goes on leave today (INSTEAD OF ANA KIELLY) and will return to work on Thursday 28th August 2012

Apologies for the mix-up and cause for confusion.

Radio 4US Survey – March 2012

RADIO 4US SURVEY – MARCH 2012 For the Community

Please find enclosed a copy of this months survey along with a copy of our Program Guide. For just a few minutes of your time, we are interested in knowing what you think about RADIO 4US 100.7FM. Please send back the survey to us as soon as you have completed it. Thank you.

Also a very big THANK YOU to those who conducted last months survey and gave us excellent feedback!



Bobby-Lee McQuire
Radio 4US 100.7FM
Email: morningmusterwithbobby@gmail.com
Phone: 49362463