Department of Social Services Streamlined Grant Agreement

Justice Connect has published a factsheet titled ‘DSS Streamlined Grant Agreement’ which sets out the terms on which the Federal Department of Social Services (DSS) will provide a funded organisation with one (or more) grants to undertake specified activities. This fact sheet covers what the DSS Streamlined Grant Agreement is; important terms in the Agreement; when written notification is required; record and reporting requirements; and tips to assist organisations to be prepared.

The whole agreement between DSS and the funded organisation is made up of a number of documents. Organisations will need to refer to their offer to ascertain which documents apply to them. Documents could include:

  • agreement letter
  • grant schedule
  • general conditions, and
  • supplementary terms.

Organisations should seek independent legal advice about the terms and practical implications of the agreement.  The fact sheet below provides guidance on some of the important terms to be aware of for funded organisations. The fact sheet will make more sense if you read it with your grant documents at hand.

DSS Streamlined Grant Agreement.pdf       PDF 399.7KB

NFP Benchmark Report Calls for Alternative Financing. Pro Bono 12th March

An inaugural benchmarking survey says there is a need for Not for Profit organisations to develop alternate means of financing and social enterprise in the light of changed funding policies. The Survey by Russell Kennedy Lawyers and financial management firm, Pitcher Partners, highlights that many Not for Profit organisations rely strongly on Government assistance. The survey report said organisations need to ensure that they can maintain solvency in the event of a change in policy or funding by setting aside monies for existing commitments. The report recommends “a fund for short term operations, together with managing their cost base to be flexible enough to respond appropriately to changes in funding streams”. The authors said the aim of the benchmark survey is to let Not for Profit organisations and charities to benchmark themselves against their peers. More than 100 organisations responded to the survey between August and October 2014. To read the complete article please click on Pro Bono

The teenage dream unravels: trends in youth unemployment. Brotherhood of St Laurence. 2nd March

Amid a steady rise in the overall unemployment rate, Australia’s youth continue to bear the brunt. This snapshot, using ABS data, shows that youth unemployment has remained much higher than the overall unemployment rate and the probability of finding a job has not improved since the global financial crisis.
However preliminary analysis suggests that the overall unemployment trend cannot be explained by changes in the educational profile of the unemployed group: the proportion of unemployed Australians with less than year 12 appears to have fallen since 2005. To access this report please click BSL

Strengthening Families Protecting Children Framework for Practice

The development of a new framework for practice is a key milestone in a reformed child and family support system in Queensland. The Strengthening Families Protecting Children Framework for Practice (PDF, 750 KB) provides a transparent strengths-based, safety-oriented approach to work undertaken by Child Safety through all phases of the child protection process. The Framework and its supporting resources:

  • defines the parameters and focus of work undertaken by Child Safety
  • places a greater emphasis on working collaboratively with children, families and carers during assessment, safety planning and case planning processes
  • identifies and supports the development of safety networks around children, their families and carers
  • strengthens partnerships with agencies
  • promotes enduring safety and positive change in the lives of children and families in contact with Child Safety.

Outlined in the Foundational elements (PDF, 1.3 MB) document, the framework integrates Child Safety’s best hopes and vision for children, young people and families, together with key values, principles, knowledge and practice skills. The supporting Practice tools and processes (PDF, 1.2 MB) document summarises creative tools, skills and processes required to engage with a child and family while maintaining a sharp focus on a child’s safety, belonging and wellbeing.

The following six practice maps are a visual representation of the phases and tasks of child protection intervention.

Building a case for Workforce Planning.

Strategic workforce planning provides the opportunity to be proactive about your future workforce – to know where they’re coming from and how to best target your attraction, training and development strategies. Providing time and resources for Workforce Planning can be seen as yet another strain on an already stretched environment. This information session will introduce you to the concept of Strategic Workforce Planning what it entails, what are the benefits and why more and more organisations are using Workforce Planning to understand and prepare for changing environments.
Tuesday 21 April, 10.00am – 12.00pm Health & Community Services Workforce Council
First Floor, 303 Adelaide Street, Brisbane . THIS IS A FREE EVENT . CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. For more information please call 1800 112 585.

Hand of a Superhero: 3-D printing prosthetic hands that are anything but normal. Jacqueline Miroz. New York Times 16th Feb.

Dawson Riverman’s parents tried to help him make the best of it. Born without fingers on his left hand, Dawson struggled to perform even the simplest tasks, like tying his shoes or holding a ball. “God made you special in this way,” his parents told him. But by age 5, Dawson was demanding tearfully to know why.

The Rivermans, of Forest Grove, Ore., could not afford a high-tech prosthetic hand for their son, and in any event they are rarely made for children. Then help arrived in the guise of a stranger with a three-dimensional printer. He made a prosthetic hand for Dawson, in cobalt blue and black, and it did not cost his family a thing. Now the 13-year-old can ride a bike and hold a baseball bat. He hopes to play goalkeeper on his soccer team. “He’s realizing he can do things with two hands and not have to try to figure out how do them,” said his mother, Dawn Riverman.

The proliferation of 3-D printers has had an unexpected benefit: The devices, it turns out, are perfect for creating cheap prosthetics. Surprising numbers of children need them: One in 1,000 infants is born with missing fingers, and others lose fingers and hands to injury. Each year, about 450 children receive amputations as a result of lawn mower accidents, according to a study in Pedatrics. To read the complete article please click  New York Times.


NDIS faces citizens’ jury: PM with Mark Colvin (ABC) – 19th February

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is on trial this week. A randomly selected citizens’ jury has been hearing testimony from people with disabilities already enrolled in NDIS test sites across the country. To read the transcript of, or to listen to, this report please click on ABC

McClure Report Good for Australian Jobs – NFP. Pro Bono News. 2nd March

Jobs Australia, the national peak body for more than 220 Not for Profit organisations that assist disadvantaged people to find work, has welcomed the controversial McClure Report on welfare reform. CEO of the organisation, David Thompson, said the report presented an opportunity for the Government to engage in a discussion with the community about the type of welfare system Australia needs in the future. “This is one of those areas of policy where reforms have been ad-hoc, public discussion has been highly politicised and the result is a system that is more complicated than it should be,” Thompson said. “This report is an excellent starting point for a discussion about simplifying the system and making sure the right supports are in place to get more people into work”. – To read the complete article please click on Pro Bono

Students struggling with disability more likely to be bullied. Leah White: The Northern Star. 3rd March

A Southern Cross University research project into the abuse of students shows students with cognitive disabilities experience significantly higher rates of abuse than those without a disability. Dr Sally Robinson from the University’s Centre for Children and Young People led the research project, which was presented to education and disability practitioners at a seminar in Lismore yesterday. Dr Robinson said students with cognitive disabilities are three times more likely to experience abuse than other students. To read the complete article please click on Northern Star

Disability Funding Backflip Fuels Calls for Certainty from NFP Sector. Lina Caneva. Pro Bono 3rd March 3

The Federal Government has made another Not for Profit funding backflip – this time on its cuts to disability groups, granting a temporary reprieve to eight advocacy bodies whose funding ran out at the weekend. In February the Department of Social Services (DSS) announced it would cut funding to the disability advocacy groups and establish an alliance of just five representative bodies. The decision saw eight bodies representing 200,000 people with disabilities defunded – including the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations, Blind Citizens Australia, Brain Injury Australia and Inclusion Australia. The organisations have now been told they have secured “transition funding” of $450,000 until the end of June.

Assistant Social Services Minister Mitch Fifield said: “The Cross-Disability Alliance is being funded to represent all people with disability within the one framework, especially as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is rolled out. “Following the finalisation of the selection process for the Cross-Disability Alliance, the Department of Social Services contacted the organisations that were not successful. All indicated their organisations plan to continue their work and in particular to work with the new Cross-Disability Alliance,” Senator Fifield said. “I took the decision to extend grant agreements for these organisations to 30 June 2015 and to provide an additional payment to each of them to assist with a smooth transition. “ I have also directed my Department to explore other potential capacity-building projects and funding that may be suitable for organisations to apply for, such as NDIS preparedness activities.” To read the complete article please click on Pro Bono

Mental Health

New beyondblue  practical resources for people recovering from a suicide

beyondblue has launched a new set of practical resources for people recovering from a suicide attempt and their family and friends.

beyondblue and the Hunter Institute of Mental Health created the new resources which feature real-life experiences of people who have attempted suicide or supported loved ones in their recovery.

The three new booklets, proudly funded with donations from The Movember Foundation, include:

  • Finding your way back – for people who have attempted suicide
  • Guiding their way back – for people supporting someone after a suicide attempt
  • Finding our way back – specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (developed with input from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and individuals).

Unlike previous suicide prevention resources, these booklets include frank accounts and practical advice from people who’ve attempted suicide, and suggestions for families and friends on what they can do to support someone in their recovery.  For more information please go to MHPN

ACT, mindfulness, CBT, DBT and /or narrative therapies in the Gladstone area.

Gladstone Psychology Services can help with these approaches. Clients can phone directly or you can call on 1800 000974. Consultation can run from home if there is access to broadband or from community access points, currently the Medicare Local rooms.  Clients can self refer or make enquiries by calling: 1800 000 974. As a service provider you can refer clients by calling: 1800 000 974. Referrals can be sent by fax: 03 9629 1001. This is a FREE service, provided through the generosity of the Gladstone Foundation

Hunting the Woozle, and Open Dialogue: Jeremy Wallace, MD Foreign Correspondent. March 1st

It isn’t easy coming to a point in your career where you begin to question widely held beliefs about the nature of mental illness, and how it should be treated. Indeed it becomes starkly obvious that, no matter what you think and believe, even know in your heart to be true, the world runs along different lines. Sometimes I can be full of hope for change, but frequently it angers and frustrates; often I am rendered melancholic by the mountain that lies ahead. Let me explain.

Courtesy of Dory – this is a very interesting blog by a psychiatrist on the reframing of psychiatry and harks back to the conversation had about substance abuse at a recent MICoP meeting. To access the blog please click on Mad in America

Reports highlight mental health treatment costs

Two recent reports highlight that despite increases in resources and services for mental health, much remains to be done.

According to the recent Report on Government Services, Government spending per person on mental health has increased over time from $249 per person in 2005-06 to $317 per person in 2012-13. For more information on this report please click on Productivity Commission

At the same time, a report by Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA), The Cost of Unresolved Childhood Trauma and Abuse in Adults in Australia found the average annual cost per affected person for depression, obesity, suicide or attempted suicide and problem alcohol use attributable from childhood trauma was $6458. Read this report please click on ASCA

QMHC work program 2015

2015 promises to be very busy for the Queensland Mental Health Commission, in terms of driving ongoing reform in the mental health, drug and alcohol sector.  A snapshot of projects that flow on from the Queensland Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Strategic Plan 2014-2019 to be delivered this calendar year include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Action Plan. The Commission has contracted Siggins Miller to start the Action Plan’s development, in consultation with key stakeholders.
  • Suicide Prevention Action Plan. Consultations will kick off in March to develop a Suicide Prevention Action Plan and we are working with a local group to develop a specific project to help prevent suicide among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Awareness, Prevention and Early Intervention Action Plan. Work will commence with a week of forums involving the sector in mid-April with internationally-recognised expert Gregor Henderson who will focus on international thinking around starting well, living well, working well and ageing well. Opportunities to be involved will be out soon.
  • Rural and Remote Action Plan. Considerable work was done through a series of Ministerial Roundtables in 2014 to identify the gaps and issues. This will be brought together in an action plan to be released later this year.

The intent of this work is to focus on driving action and meaningful change, to achieve better outcomes for Queenslanders.

The QMHC plans tore-double their efforts towards engaging with and hearing the experiences of consumers, families and carers — ultimately the people who the mental health, drug and alcohol system is there to serve.

Foundations of Mental Health Peer Work training materials now available

The National Mental Health Commission is pleased to release the first batch of Mental Health Peer Work training and assessment materials, for registered training organisations (RTOs) across Australia to use. These allow RTOs to deliver the Mental Health Peer Work qualification for the consumer and carer peer workforce. The first three modules for The Foundations of Mental Health Peer Work can be downloaded from the National Mental Health Commission website at: www.mentalhealthcommission.gov.au/peerwork.

Working with adolescents with PTSD and/or substance use.

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre have launched an online survey seeking the views and experiences of workers who work with young people who have post traumatic stress disorder / and or substance use.  The survey only takes 10 – 15 minutes to complete and participants will go into the draw for a $100 Westfield voucher. Complete the survey here.

Regional and rural Australians turn to mobile technology for mental health care

Australians are turning increasingly to mobile technology to access the support and mental health care they need, overcoming isolation and the stigma surrounding mental illness. SANE Australia has partnered with 14 leading mental health organisations around Australia to provide peer support for people affected by mental illness through the online SANE Forums. Over 29,000 people have viewed the Forums since the launch last year. People have contributed to over 835 discussions on topics ranging from recovering from Schizophrenia to the latest mental health research. A third of those who access the Forums do so with a mobile device.
‘In this day and age of mobile technology, having the Forums user-friendly for mobiles definitely broadens the accessibility, as just about everyone nowadays has a mobile phone,’ one Forum member says. One in five Australians experience a mental health problem every year, yet half of these people do not receive the treatment and support they need. This is particularly true for people living in regional and rural Australia, says SANE CEO Jack Heath. ‘It’s important for people in rural and regional areas to get the help and support they need as early as possible to sustain their mental health and prevent problems in the future. However this isn’t always possible because of social isolation and a lack of understanding.’ In a recent evaluation of the forums members reported feeling safe and having a sense of connection in a stigma free environment. To read the complete article please click on SANE

Fit mind, fit job: from evidence to practice in mental health and work: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

This report argues that health and employment services should intervene earlier, involve key stakeholders and ensure they work together in order to help people with mental-health issues find work and stay in a job.

Service Information

Livingstone Shire Council post Marcia Community Meetings

You are invited to attend Livingstone Shire Council’s post Cyclone Marcia Community Meetings for updates and important information.

Sunday 15th March: Keppel Sands Hotel – 9am. Cawarral Hall -12pm. Emu Park Bell Park – 3pm. Byfield Hall – 9am. The Caves Pub -12pm. Glenlee  Park- 3pm.

Monday 16th  March: Yeppoon Town Hall – 7pm

Wednesday 18th March:  Stanage Bay Store – Barn. Ogmore Hall- 1pm. Marlborough Hall – 4pm

Saturday 21st March. Woodbury Tennis Club – 9am Mt Chalmers School  12pm. Nerimbera  School -3pm

General Resources

Guardianship explained – videos

Carers Queensland, in collaboration with Queensland Aged and Disability Advocacy (QADA), the Public Trustee, the Office of the Public Guardian and Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT), has launched a series of five new videos to help people better understand advocacy and legal services available in relation to guardianship. These short videos are entertaining and easily understood. For more information please click on Carer’s Qld.

Beyond the Boundary Road

‘Beyond the Boundary Road’ shares the stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the greater Brisbane area, with a focus on sustaining language and culture. Catch the show on Monday evenings on 31 Digital or online and be introduced to the Indigenous country around Brisbane.

Energy: Fact Sheets, Resources and Networking

Following several years of rising electricity prices many Queensland households are now struggling to pay their electricity bills and are facing financial stress.
For more information on what’s happening in essential services in Queensland:

Sign up to the Energy and Water Network Space to keep up to date on changes in the essential services area that may affect you or your clients, and to network and share information with people with similar interests.


Not Now, Not Ever – Domestic violence report

The Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence’s ‘Not Now, Not Ever’ report has been recently released. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk commended the taskforce on their work, culminating with the report which contains 140 recommendations with a focus on supporting victims and holding offenders to account for their actions. The Premier said the government would take a lead on addressing domestic violence, but that it could not be done alone and that the community had a responsibility to look after one another.  To access the ‘Not Now, Not Ever’ report click here.

Effectiveness of pre-employment screening in preventing child sexual abuse

The Royal Commission has released a report that examines issues related to the effectiveness of pre-employment screening in preventing child sexual abuse within institutions. Royal Commission CEO Phillip Reed said the report, prepared by the Parenting Research Centre and the University of Melbourne, makes valuable findings which will be used to shape the Royal Commission’s final recommendations. The report summarises evidence on the effectiveness of pre-employment screening practices. Click here to read the report

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: a review of interventions for prevention and management in Indigenous communities

Closing the Gap Clearinghouse | Australian Institute of Family Studies | Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

25 February 2015 |

This resource sheet provides estimates on the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in the general and Indigenous populations of Australia, and reviews the local and international evidence on the effectiveness of programs that aim to prevent or alleviate this group of disorders. To access this report please click on



Women’s diversity scholarships

Applications are open for the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ (AICD) 2015 Sector Development Diversity Scholarships. Forty talented women from selected growth sectors will receive full-fee scholarships to the Company Directors Course or Foundation of Directorship program, designed to prepare them for future board roles. Scholarship winners will also receive a 12-month AICD membership. Applications close 16 March 2015. To find out more please click on AICD

Bursaries for female students

Would $1,000 help with your studies? The National Council of Women of Queensland Inc (NCWQ) has launched its 2015 program for 23 bursaries for female students. Most are for tertiary students, but several are for secondary students. For more information please click on NCWQ

General funding opportunities

Australian Government Grants

Queensland Government Grants

Queensland Gambling Community Benefit Fund

Department of Social Service Grants

Events, Training and Regular Meeting Date Claimers

Events and training

There are a range of Playgroups operating across the region. For more information please visit the Playgroup Qld website www.playgroupqld.com.au to search suburb or postcode or simply call the Playgroup Support Team on toll free 1800171882

Fitzroy Indigi Fusion. If you care about your community and want your say in it’s future but most importantly want to learn from Elders and like-minded passionate community leaders, then we need you! No experience necessary, just your time. In exchange you will meet new people, be exposed to community, business and corporate sectors, engage at a grassroots level and socially interact in a culturally fun and welcoming space. Ages: 16 to 30   How: Contact the FBEC Office  |  When: NOW! CONNECT WITH US HERE

CQ Healing Centre Helem Yumba Women’s Programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women at risk of domestic or family violence. FREE 8 week program. Small group work. Female facilitators. Program start dates and all enquires please contact Bernadette or Caroline at the Helem Yumba Office or by email. Phone: 07 49 318 600. Location: 10 / 99 Musgrave Street . Contact bernadette.anderson@cqhealing.com.au or caroline.cox@cqhealing.com.au

Livingstone Shire Council post Marcia Community Meetings

You are invited to attend Livingstone Shire Council’s post Cyclone Marcia Community Meetings for updates and important information.

Monday 16th  March: Yeppoon Town Hall – 7pm

Wednesday 18th March:  Stanage Bay Store – Barn. Ogmore Hall- 1pm. Marlborough Hall – 4pm

Saturday 21st March. Woodbury Tennis Club – 9am Mt Chalmers School  12pm. Nerimbera  School -3pm

Children’s Contact Services Information Morning Tea on Relationships Australia’s Parental Separation Programs. 16th March10:30-11:30am. Relationships Australia, 119 High Street Nth Rockhampton. Please RSVP to Bridgitte: btones@raq.org.au 1300 364 277

Legal & Ethical, 16th March 9am – 12.30pm, Cnr Haig and Cavell, Wandal By 2nd March $85 – normal $ 95. Morning tea provided. For more information please contact 0408 276 383 or ctn@homesupport.org.au

Information session on Parental Separation Programs: 16th March, 10:30-11:30am. Relationships Australia, 119 High Street Nth Rockhampton. All welcome. This is an opportunity for us to update you all on changes made to programs we run and introduce you all to the new ventures RA have put in place. Please RSVP to Bridgitte: btones@raq.org.au

1300 364 277

MACKAY. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Monday March 16 – 9 to 4 pm. Resolving stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, phobias, depression and abuse. Cost: $200 (includes refreshments, lunch and statement of attendance). For more information and a registration form, please phone 1300523985.

YEPPOON. Know Your Rights – Thursday 17 March I 9:30am- 11:30am I Community Centre, Room A, 80 John street, Yeppoon. If you have being harassed for money, can’t afford to pay your bills, Centrelink said you have been overpaid and owe them money, DSP claim been rejected and Centerlink made a decision that you disagree with then this session in for you. Questions or to RSVP call: Basic Rights QLD on 1800 358 511

ROCKHAMPTON. FREE Debt Information session. Parish Centre, St Joseph Cathedral Grounds 169 William Street, Rockhampton. Parking to rear of the Cathedral or on Murray Street, Tuesday 17th March 1:30—4:00pm. Open to Community Service Providers and clients. Refreshments provided. Questions or to RSVP call: Basic Rights QLD on 1800 358 511

Recruitment and Selection Thursday 17 March 9:30am-1:30pm. ADCQ offices located on 1st Floor, James Larcombe Place, 209 Bolsover Street. For Managers, Supervisors and Human Resource personnel. Cost is $177pp. To discuss training |p| (07) 4933 5104 or Alison.Cox@adcq.qld.gov.au

World Cancer Day Event Book Launch* Wednesday 18th March, 5.30pm – 8pm. Cancer Council Qld Education Centre, 43 Upper Dawson Road, Allenstown. “*Hope: A Cancer Doctor’s Life Secrets”. Please RSVP by February 18th. Contact: Danielle Miles, 3350 7200 Danierlle.Miles@genesiscare.com.au

Winning My Child’s Heart Wednesday 18 March 4.30pm – 6.30pm Fitzroy Room

Rockhampton Regional Library. Rockhampton Regional Council in partnership with NEWSTART Psychology & Counselling is offering this workshop for parents who sometimes struggle to understand and live with teenagers. This informative and practical session will address the issues of adolescent brain development, communicating with your teen, boundary setting and consequences and parenting  style Bookings are not essential but will assist in the planning for the sessions. Please RSVP to Communities and Facilities on 4936 8569, or email CommunityDevelopment@rrc.qld.gov.au

Health Service Providers evening workshop, 18th March 5.30pm arrival for – 6-9pm. Travelodge, Victoria Parade. Dinner provided. Workshop is part of research exploring Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander knowledge, experience and perceptions of Chronic Disease. RSVP March 11th to t.boneham@cqu.edu.au 4930 6409

GLADSTONE. FREE Debt Information session. Community Advisory Centre, Goondoon St, Wednesday  morning 18th March. Open to Community Service Providers and clients. Refreshments provided. Questions or to RSVP call: Basic Rights QLD on 1800 358 511

CENTRAL HIGHLANDS: Free Grant Writing Workshop. 18th March 10am -2pm, McIndoe Function Centre, Opal St, Emerald.  Register NOW by email – admin@redtapebusters.com.au Any questions? Contact us on: 0402 210664 or Email: shanebowering@redtapebusters.com.au

There will also be workshops in Barcaldine and Longreach – please contact shanebowering@redtapebusters.com.au  for more details.

WOORABINA. FREE DV Information session, Wednesday  afternoon 18th March. Open to Community Service Providers and clients. Refreshments provided. Questions or to RSVP call: Basic Rights QLD on 1800 358 511

Anger Management workshops for women, starting on Thursday, March 19th at 9.30am. Registration is necessary to assist with resources and catering. Please contact Chantelle Smitheim healthworker3@womenshealthrockhampton.com 

Youth Services Case Management Collaboration Monday 23/03/2015. 09.00am for a 09.30am start. Keppel Room  Frenchville Sports Club, Clifton Street North. For Youth Workers, Case Workers, Counsellors and Community Services Workers providing a service to young people and their families.  The purpose of this forum is to improve collaborated case management practices within the Youth Sector and the wider community. Morning Tea & lunch provided. RSVP Contact: Kylie O’Donnell or Jo Peace: 4928 5243 or Mobile: Kylie 0457786272 or Jo 0418884096. Email: kylie.o’donnell@pcyc.org.au  or   jo.peace@pcyc.org.au

POP Stars 6 week program for children 10 – 12 years whose parents are separated.  26th March 2015 3:30pm (Afternoon tea provided) Relationships Australia, 119 High Street, Rockhampton. Cost. $50 (6 sessions) 1st child: $1O (for each extra child attending at same time). POP STARS aims to support young people in their experience of parental separation, conflict and change in their family situation. For more information or to book a place please phone 1300 364 277

1-2-3- Magic & Emotion Coaching. Saturday 28th March. Shop 5/15 James St – across from Dominos Pizza. Three 2hr sessions run on one day.. A program for parents and carers to help manage difficult behavior in children 2-12yrs old. RSVP by March 27th.. Cost of book $15.00. Bring your own lunch. To register for the program please phone 1300 523 985.

Record Keeping and Report Writing, 30th   March 9am – 12.30pm, Cnr Haig and Cavell, Wandal. By 16th March $85 – normal $95. Facilitator Angela Richardson. Morning tea provided. For more information please contact 0408 276 383 0r ctn@homesupport.org.au

TCI Refresher, 8th April. Coordinated Support Services, Shop 4/33 Archer St. 9am – 3pm. Cost$ 50. For more information and registration forms please phone 4927 3207

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Monday April 13 – 9 to 4 pm. Resolving stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, phobias, depression and abuse. Cost: $200 (includes refreshments, lunch and statement of attendance). For more information and a registration form, please phone 1300523985.

YEPPOON. Buoyant Parenting, Centacare, Shop 5/15 James St Yeppoon (behind Maggie’s Café), 20th & 27th April, 5th, 11th, 18th May. 9.30am – 12pm. 5 x 2hr sessions. This program assists parents to lead and guide their family like a skipper steers a ship through the rapids of life.  Cost $15. RSVP Mon. April 13th. To register phone 1300523985

Wellness and Wellbeing Project, Professional Development 2-day networking conference for Indigenous-focused organisations in the Rockhampton LGA. To be held at the Frenchville Sports Club on 8 & 9 April 2015. An opportunity to gain professional insight and training from guest speakers. Currently seeking registrations and volunteer guest speakers. To be involved please phone  4921 3655 or email cqeducation@fpq.com.au

On Wednesday, 8 and Thursday, 9 April 2015, Family Planning Queensland – Rockhampton Education will be hosting a 2-day professional development and networking conference for Indigenous-focused organisations in the Rockhampton area. The Wellness and Well-being Conference* will be an opportunity to gain professional insight from keynote speaker, Jeremy Donovan who will present from 10am to 12pm on Wednesday, 8 April. Other local Indigenous-focused organisations will also be invited to present on the second day of the conference. These guest speakers will be confirmed closer to the date. The conference is free to attend and it is not a prerequisite to attend both days.

If you are interested in attending the conference, please return your completed registration form (as attached) by Wednesday, 25 March. Please feel free to share this email with your network contacts.  As this conference is provided at no charge to participants, limited spaces are available. You will be contacted via email to confirm your place. If you miss out on a place, an opportunity exists to attend Jeremy Donovan’s session only. Alternatively, you can nominate to attend Jeremy’s session only. To obtain a registration form please contact

Alana Richardson P: (07) 4921 3655    E: Alana.Richardson@fpq.com.au

“Faith and Funeral Practices”:Fitzroy Room, Rockhampton Library on Thursday 9th April, 10am to 12noon. FREE -All welcome. RSVP by April 7th to  4936 8569 or  CommunityDevelopment@rrc.qld.gov.au

Dr. Rufus May – Living with Voices… Tuesday 21st April, Central Queensland University Bruce Highway, North Rockhampton 9am-4pm. Understanding Voice Hearing and Promoting Recovery. A workshop for mental health professionals, consumers and carers. Early Bird until March 3rd. $99 – waged: $60 – unwaged. Standard $140 – waged: $75 – unwaged. To register please go to https://www.evenbrite.com.au/e/hearing-voices-launch-and-rufus-mayevent-cq-rockampton-tickets-1529274902

International Women’s Day Event Friday 24th of April 2015 at 1pm  Community Centre in John Street Yeppoon.

Connections Morning Tea, CentacareCQ, 10 Bolsover Street, 24 April, 0am-12noon. Guest Speaker Louise Byrne (ABC’s Mental Health Q&A panel member) . RSVP: 20 April to LorrettaW@centacare.net

LONGREACH: Expressions Of Interest are called for ASIST training. Longreach

Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th April The Black Dog Ball Committee in partnership with Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service are offering ASIST training to members of the community who are likely to come into contact with rural families undergoing extreme hardship due to circumstances beyond their control. Training is being offered FREE OF CHARGE as a result of funds raised by the 2014 Black Dog Ball to community members who may not generally have access to this essential service. (Workshops generally cost in the vicinity of $250 to $300 per person). For more information and registration forms please contact: Debbie Hughes, Black Dog Ball Committee, 07 49222519 or 0408 156699

Romp in the Park. May 22nd. 9:00am 1:00pm Rockhampton Botanic Gardens. A morning of fun filled activities celebrating young children and their families in the community. All Welcome. For further information please contact rompinthepark2015@gmail.com

Central Queensland Multicultural Association (CQMA) The 6th Year of The Taste of the World Festival. Saturday 23rd May. 1100hours (11 am)  – 1630hours (4.30pm)

Rockhampton Show Grounds. Entry: $2 per adult Children: under 15years of age free

‘An Introduction To Working With Individuals Who Have Self-Destructive Behaviour’ a 2 day workshop in partnership with Women’s Health Centre Rockhampton will be presenting in Rockhampton – 15th & 16th June. Link to Rockhampton Training Workshop Flyer …

Youth Mental Health First Aid. Thurs 18th & Fri 19th June, Room 1 Community Health Building Cnr Cambridge & Bolsover Sts, 9am 4.30pm. Cost:$100.00 (catering provided)Youth Mental Health First Aid is a 14 hour course which teaches first aid skills for mental health crisis situations and the early stages of mental health problems  including depression, anxiety, psychosis, substance misuse, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and behaviour, non-suicidal self-injury, panic attacks, aggression etc. For a registration form, please contact Nicole Cooper on Email: Nicole_Cooper@health.qld.gov.au

Finding My Place Forum Rockhampton. July 22nd. One day forum for sharing stories by and about people with disabilities who have taken their place in their community.  Cost is funded by Qld Government. A light lunch will be provided.. For more information please call 3844 2211 or see www.cru.rg.au

YEPPOON. The Livingstone Shire International Day of People with a Disability Morning Tea/Award Presentation, Yeppoon Town Hall, Thursday 3rd December. For more information or to find out how to nominate some-one please contact Ray Thompson on raynoels@bigpond.net.au

Regular Meetings

CCDA Committee meeting 2nd Monday of the month, 10am at the Anglicare FACIT office, Ground Floor, 11 Fitzroy St (old MMI building).  Open to interested observers. RSVP to Secretary Carmel Marshall at carmelm@centacare.net. Strategic cross sector issues will be discussed.

Rockhampton Youth Interagency Network (RYIN), Meetings held regularly on the 3rd  Thursday  of the month  9.00am – 10.30am.  192 Dean St (The old WIN building)  For further information or to put items on the Agenda please email or ring Kelly Yow Yeh on 4928 5243 or Kelly.yowyeh@pcyc.org.au.

Local Network Group (Care Coordination Model) Room 5 Community Health Bolsover Street,  Rockhampton Second Tuesday of the month effective from 10/02/2015 until 8/12/2015 from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. For  more information please contact Susie Cameron, Service Integration Coordinator: 07 4932 5291: Mobile: 0409 341 782: susan_cameron@health.qld.gov.au

Rockhampton Community Access & Equity Reference Group For further information please contact  Bob Muir on 4936 8563: Mobile: 0457 102 707:  E-mail: Bob.Muir@rrc.qld.gov.au

Inclusive Technology Expo – Steering Committee Meeting (A combined COP DES-CQ & SALT event). Community Solutions Board Room – 189 Musgrave Street fortnightly from Tuesday January 6th: 1pm at Community Solutions. Contact Julie Irwin:  4932-8000 /4932-8010 :M 0407 226 147: Julie.Irwin@communitysolutions.org.au

 Rockhampton Interagency meetings for 2014 at UnitingCare Community 229 Musgrave Street, North Rockhampton,. Rockhampton Interagency is an Open/General Cross-Sector Interagency Network in the Rockhampton Area which aims to support each other and to enhance the delivery of services across the spectrum of community needs. Dates: Tuesday 12 May, Tuesday 11 August, Tuesday 10 November. Time: 12.30 – 2.30pm. For further information please contact Bob Muir on 4936 8563: Mobile: 0457 102 707:  E-mail: Bob.Muir@rrc.qld.gov.au

Rockhampton Domestic Violence Network. Last Wednesday of the month, commencing with February: For more  information including the next venue please contact 4926 5603

GLADSTONE: Youth Interagency meeting, first Wednesday of the month (except for August Show Holiday) 9am, Community Advisory Service, 142 Goondoon St  Contact  Vernetta on 4976 6311

Mental Health Workers Group regular get-togethers on:  First Monday of the month from 5.00 – 6.00 pm Excelcare D2DL Centre, 10 Albert Street, Rockhampton. Anyone who works in any mental health related field who has, or has had,  mental health challenges themselves are welcome to attend. Confidentiality, mutual support, laughter, community, and a cup of tea are all assured. For more information please contact Cindi  – 4991 1997

The Next Step: Suicide Support Group Meeting. Group open to people who have lost some-one through suicide and are interested in being part of a supportive network and raising awareness of the issue of suicide. For more information please contact Amanda on 0428 841 756 or email amanda@kangabins.com.au

The Rockhampton Mental Health Community of Practice. Third Wednesday of the month. 10am – 12pm. Relationships Australia Cnr Bersker and High Sts. Open to professionals, people with the lived experience of mental health challenges, carers, and all those interested in improving mental health support and awareness. For more information please contact Aaron Kenney on 4926 9726 or akenney@raq.org.au

CQ Suicide Prevention Network meeting.  For more information please contact Cat McPherson | Networks Developer, Wesley LifeForce | (02) 8922 9082 | 0417 932 602 Cat.McPherson@wesleymission.org.au

The  bi- monthly meeting of the Capricorn Coast Community Access Group will be held

in the meeting room at the Capricorn Coast Hospital on Hoskyn Drive, Yeppoon at 10.00 am o, Friday 1st May, Friday 3rd July, Friday 4th September. For more information please contact Ray Thompson on raynoels@bigpond.net.au

MOURA. Moura Interagency Network Meeting.  For further information please contact Debbie Palmes on dpalmes@anglicarecq.org.au or 0428 712 387. Meetings are usually held 2nd Monday of the second month.

GLADSTONE: Interagency Meeting, third Wednesday of the month, 11am, Community Advisory Service, 142 Goondoon St.  Contact Andrea on 4976 6358

YEPPOON. Livingstone Community Development Centre (CDC) User Group Meeting: Meetings are held every  2 months at the CDC Garage10 Johns St. Everyone Welcome. Share Ideas for the CDC. Meet the Livingstone Shire Council Manager Community Wellbeing. Provide Feedback.  Plan CDC Events. For more information including the next date please phone: 4913 3840

YEPPOON: Capricorn Coast Interagency Network Meeting, Contact: Sue Hamilton PH:  07 4913 3840.  Sue.Hamilton@ livingstone.qld.gov.au

EMERALD Interagency meeting, 2nd Tuesday of the month 9am. -11am. . For more information please contact Bec Hall  on BHall@chrc.qld.gov.au or 4980 6345

Rockhampton Bipolar Fellowship support group meeting 1st Tuesday of each month.  Community Health building, Cnr of Bolsover and Cambridge Street. For more details please contact Bruce Edward Mob:0419715345

Interagency Social and Emotional Wellbeing Group, Bidgerdii Community Health, Bolsover St. (Upstairs). 12pm -2pm. Lunch provided. 26 March, 23 April, 21 May, 18 June. For more information, please contact Dena Dodd-Ugle, (07) 449304600 or