Helem Yumba’s DV Month Activity

Please find attached a flyer advertising Helem Yumba’s DV Month activity. We’re hosting a panel of Elders who wish to share their thoughts, concerns and their ideas about how we might best address the problem of violence in our communities. We especially would love for organisations and  individuals within the DV and Indigenous health and human services sectors to attend this very special event.

If you plan on attending please respond at your earliest convenience for catering purposes.


HELEM YUMBA Closure over Christmas

Please be advised of Closure Times for Helem Yumba over the Christmas Period.

Closed:                 MONDAY 22nd December 2014

Reopen:               Monday 05th January 2015

Other services and contact numbers that are available during this period are below.


Name of Organisation/service                                                                    Phone Number

Ambulance/Police/ Fire                                                                                  000

Community Care Team- normal working hours                                            4920 5500

Acute Care Team –normal working hours                                                     4920 6100

Acute Care Team – 24hrs everyday New Referral                                       4920 6111

Mental Health Service (Yeppoon Hospital)                                                    4913 3062

AODS- Rockhampton                                                                                    4920 5500

AODS- Yeppoon                                                                                             4913 3224

13 Health                                                                                                         13 43 25 84

Lifeline- Telephone Crisis Support Service 24/7                                            13 11 14

Suicide Call back Service 24/7                                                                      1300 65 94 67

Beyond Blue                                                                                                   1300 22 46 36

Kid’s Helpline  8:00am -10:00pm                                                                   1800 55 18 00

Men’s Helpline 24/7                                                                                        1300 78 99 78

Parent Line      8:00am -10:00pm                                                                   1300 30 1300

Domestic Violence Hotline 24/7                                                                     1800 73 77 32

Sexual Abuse Hotline 7:30am- 11:30pm                                                        1800 01 01 20

Financial First Aid                                                                                           1800 007 007


Healing Foundation Healing Centre Project

Helem Yumba is supporting two researchers (Delilah MacGillivray 0417 284 484 and Rhonda Shuker 0429 940 472) to undertake community consultations on the design and development of a Healing Centre.  The Healing Foundation has funded the project.

Please find attached three documents relating to the project:

1.       Healing Project Information Flyer – provides an outline of the project and ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from Rockhampton, Woorabinda and Mount Morgan and other interested stakeholders can provide input to the project;

2.       Healing Project Individual survey; and

3.       Healing Project Organisation survey.

We would appreciate if your organisation would participate in the survey and return it to Helem Yumba and also distribute the material as widely as possible, including encouraging your clients to participate in the survey.  It is important to get as many diverse views as possible.

Please feel free to contact Delilah or Rhonda directly if you need any further information.

Healing Project Organisation survey

Healing Project Individual survey

Healing Project InformationFlyer

Helem Yumba – New Contact Number

Just informing that Helem Yumba has a new office number as stated below

07 49 318 600

Caroline Cox
Case Management Support
Helem Yumba
CQ Healing Centre
PO Box 98. Rockhampton, 4700

Helem Yumba Male Court Support Position

Male Respondent Court Support Worker
Helem Yumba
Central Queensland Indigenous Healing Centre

(Located in Rockhampton)

Helem Yumba is seeking a motivated and experienced person to fill the position of Male Respondent Court Support Worker. The position provides support through a range of prevention and intervention strategies to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men who present to court for domestic and family violence matters. The position deals with a wide range of stakeholders across the public and private sectors and draws upon strong analytical, communication and people skills to achieve desired objectives.

Salary: $51,000 p.a.- includes salary sacrificing.

For additional information or an Application Kit please contact Helem Yumba on (07) 49211744 or by email admin@cqhealing.com.au.

Applications close: Monday 23rd April 2012.

As this is an identified position, there is a genuine occupational requirement this position be filled by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander male as permitted under Section 25 and 104 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.