Institute of Indigenous Australia – Diploma of Business &/or Management

Please find attached our flyer & enrolment information for our upcoming Diploma of Business &/or Diploma of Management courses.

Our organisation is owned and operated by Indigenous staff.  We specialise in helping Indigenous individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. This is done through education, training, mentoring, comprehensive support and most of all by just being plain deadly.
This Diploma of Management is designed to give the practical skills, knowledge and understanding required to manage real-life work situations. It is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and 17 years or older.

The students get a choice of either a laptop or IPAD to assist them with their studies.  Students will need to reach 25% of their first Module by answering the first six (6) questions which we will assist them by way of a what we call a ‘Start up Session ‘ (SUS).  (Everyone is only a phone call a way).

More information can be found on our website:


Enrolment Package