Edward Chubb Diversionary Service

Juwarki Kapu-Lug Limited delivers a number of services including a Diversion from Custody Service. Our Centre was built in 1995/6 and opened in 1997. It has been purpose built to cater for intoxicated adults and is staffed by experienced Careworkers 24/7/365. This service is funded the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors. The Centre was renamed 03 February 2017, from Michael Hayes Diversionary Centre, to Edward Chubb Diversionary Service.

Services include but are not restricted to:
A fifteen bed Diversionary Centre, providing sobering up services for adult individuals who are at risk to themselves or others as a consequence of their intoxicated state. Accomodation is provided via seperate, gender appropriate, dormitory-style facilities.

Edward Chubb Diversionary Service offers alternative accommodation to the Police Watchhouse, for adult individuals who have been detained for public intoxication and who are prepared to admit themselves to the service voluntarily. We provide a safe, culturally appropriate and caring environment with particular attention to the supervision of intoxicated persons, e.g.

  • personal hygiene – showers and clean clothes
  • nutritional requirements – appropriate food and drink
  • first aid where necessary and escalation to appropriate medical support where required

Human Resources for the Edward Chubb Diversionary Service include a Centre Manager and the equivalent of two Careworkers (gender and culturally appropriate) on-site, around the clock to care for clients. Administrative support is provided by Juwarki Corporate Business Unit.