Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Facilitator Position – MDA

MDA is seeking an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander advisor to work in our Parents Next program. Advisors work with parents of young to children to equip them with skills and training to enable them to see work when their children start school.

MDA ParentsNext Advisors are highly motivated and experienced workers committed to supporting and empowering members of the Queensland community to make meaningful contributions.

ParentsNext Advisor – PD identified v0.2

Readvertising Casemanager for MDA

Due to a delay in the selection process for a case manager at MDA I would like to open up for any last minute applications. Please ignore the closing date and call me for the application pack if you are interested in applying.


Jill Armstrong- Regional Manager – MDA Ltd

Phone: (07) 4921 2222 Mobile 0499 500 322, 21 East St, Rockhampton Qld 4700. P.O. Box 619, Rockhampton Qld 4700

jilla@mdaltd.org.au  | www.mdainc.org.au

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Volunteer with MDA in Rockhampton

For new arrivals, it’s exciting and daunting to come to a new country. There is the promise of peace and a bright future, and the trepidation of navigating a new culture. Am I going to be happy? Are people going to be warm and friendly? Will they understand what I’ve been through?

MDA’s work is based on helping new arrivals overcome the everyday challenges of settling into a new country and working with them to build their futures. We work with individuals and families to access resources and services, providing cultural orientation about Australian life, helping them build networks and engage with their local community.

We do all this with the aim of helping new refugees and migrants regain independence, restore hope and foster that priceless feeling that they belong in their new home. There are many opportunities to explore as a volunteer for MDA.

If you are interested in volunteering with MDA or know someone who is looking for a new challenge please give me a call


Jill Armstrong – Regional Manager – MDA Ltd

 Phone: (07) 4921 2222 Mobile 0499 500 322

Multicultural calendar by MDA

The 2016 multicultural calendar by MDA can now be downloaded through our website.

This fantastic calendar showcases MDA Cultural Support Workers and their favourite cultural celebrations, songs, stories and games. Some of the festivals, songs and games might be as you expected but some may not. The idea is to give you some authentic resources that can be shared with children in your service to explore language and culture. Use this knowledge as a foundation to build relationships with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) children and their families.

Embedding language and culture into your program engages children in experiences promoting diversity through respect and curiosity. You will notice some of the games, stories and songs are the same but come from different parts of the world.

When teaching children about diversity, focus on the similarities. We have added digital links to maps, songs and stories to help you explore these cultures in addition to the many festival links throughout the calendar.

Download the calendar here..