After-effects of TC Marcia

Please read the below blog post written by Emma Richards, a psychologist at Wahroonga.  This is a very thought provoking piece. Emma would like this shared with as many people as possible as it really raises awareness of how our children may be processing and experiencing the recent event of TC Marcia.

Emma says:

I am a Psychologist and have spent my professional life working exclusively with children and young people who have experienced trauma. What I ask is for you to disseminate my message through your networks in the hope that we can raise awareness that children are impacted by experiences of natural disasters, and more specifically raise awareness that children locally are likely to have been affected by preparing for, witnessing and living with the after-effects of Tropical Cyclone Marcia.

Training opportunities for human services staff in Rockhampton in 2013

Human Services Managers, team leaders, coordinators and staff

We are beginning to receive enquiries about our staff training programs for Rockhampton this year. You will see that we are offering 2 trainings each of two days duration. They are:

Case management training to be held on the 14th and 15th May 2013

Trauma, attachment and Life Story Work training to be held on the 3rd and 4th September 2013.

The flyers and registration forms are attached for these professional development activities. Could you please send these on to your e-mail networks as I am not so sure I have a very reliable Rockhampton e-mail list and we need a minimum of 15 persons to register for each training in order to proceed. Thank you!

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Clinical Director
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Trauma, Attachment and Life story work training in Rockhampton 2013
Case Management Training in Rockhampton 2013