Gubuluk Series

In response to “Closing the Gap” and Indigenous language revival and preservation, SAIMA have recently launched a new series of booklets in 5 different Torres Strait Islander languages – what a wonderful resource for educators and children


SAIMA TSI Corp – Release of new language booklets in 5 Torres Strait Island dialects

Release of new language booklets in 5 Torres Strait Islander languages and is available for purchase from SAIMA TSI Corp.

“A Gubuluk Series” book launch was held in Rockhampton 27th November 2013 at the Rockhampton Leagues Club.

SAIMA TSI Corp in Rockhampton CQ has just released a series of books in a number of Torres Strait Islander dialects.The Gubuluk booklet was released in 5 Torres Strait Dialects: Kala Kawaw Ya, Meriam Mir, Kala Lagau Ya, Erub Kriol / Yumpla Tok, Mualgal Kriol / Yumpla Tok.

Books are available for purchase. If anybody would like to purchase, they are available from SAIMA TSI Corp Rockhampton. They cost $30 each. Or the set can be for purchased for $120. Please contact SAIMA to order. Ph: (07)4922-9280. Email:


Operations Support|Reception| Administration | Culture   Saima Torres Strait Islander Corporation  229 Bolsover Street, ROCKHAMPTON  Q  4700 | P:  (07)  4922 9280 |F:  (07)  4921 3514 |E: |

Rockhampton Indigenous Language Workshop (Qld State Library)

State Library of Queensland
Rockhampton Indigenous Languages Workshop
9.00am – 1.40pm, Thursday 18 April, 2013.
The Frenchville Sports Club, Clifton Street, North Rockhampton
(Numbers are limited, first in first served)

As part of the Our Land, Business and Resources Symposium, the State Library of Queensland is hosting an Indigenous Languages Workshop. This workshop takes place on Day One of the Symposium to be held at The Frenchville Sports Club, Clifton Street, North Rockhampton.

This half-day workshop will focus on local and regional languages and include information and activities that build capacity in communities to research, document and manage their own language revival.

This event is aimed at language workers and community members who are currently working/have an interest in traditional languages and supporting language revival programs in Central Queensland communities.

The language workshop is a unique opportunity for community members to explore local and regional languages of Rockhampton and how State Library can support communities in the research, collection and documentation of language.

1. to raise awareness of local/regional languages in the Rockhampton community;
2. to introduce community members to language resources and materials; and
3. to provide community members with basic information about researching and collecting language material

Overview of Program:
Setting the Scene – participants explore the current state of Indigenous languages in the Rockhampton community and region.

Local knowledge – participants identify what knowledge and material currently exists in the Rockhampton community and region.

Collecting language – participants discuss ways language, stories and histories can be documented.

Supporting community – participants discover what support is available through State Library and other organisations to support language revival in the Rockhampton community and region.

Future directions – reflections on the workshop and general discussion on possible actions

EoI Rockhampton Workshop April 2013